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Vintage Vinyl Records
Lot Number:2002
Start Time:6/6/2023 5:00:00 PM
End Time:6/21/2023 1:31:58 AM
Bid Count:21
Winning Bidder:5071 (Montana)
Starting Bid:$1.00
Bid Increment:$1.00
Current Bid:$18.00
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45 Vintage Vinyl Records

These are all 10-inch diameter.

Columbia (22 records)

·         The spell of the blues 1653 D

·         High up on a hill top 1653 D


·         A Precious Little Thing 1754 D

·         Caressing You 1754 D


·         The One in the World 1830 D

·         I’m Walkin’ Around in a Dream 1830 D


·         Oh, How I Miss You To-night 598 D

·         Too Many Parties & Too Many Pals 598 D


·         The Monkey Doodle-Doo 620 D

·         Drifting and Dreaming 620 D


·         Just a Bird’s-Eye View 772 D

·         Give Me a Ukelele 772 D


·         When Honey Sings an Old-Time Song 1203 D

·         My Blue Heaven 1203 D


·         I Gotta Have You 1981 D

·         Swanee Shuffle 1981 D


·         Bigger and Better Than Ever 1970 D

·         Bottoms Up 1970 D


·         Moanin’ Low 1891 D

·         Ain’t Misbehavin’ 1891 D


·         High Up on a Hilltop 1653 D

·         The Spell of the Blues 1653 D


·         Roly-Poly 36966 A

·         New Spanish Two Step B


·         Someone cares 38130 A

·         Larro Larro Lilli Bolero 38130 B



·         You call everybody Darling 38286 A


·         Cuckoo Waltz 38286 B


·         My Darling, My Darling 38353 A

·         That Certain Party 38353 B


·         Look at me 38492 A

·         Every time I meet you 38492 B


·         For Sentimental Reasons 37188 A

·         You’ll Always Be the one I Love 37188 B


·         Bless You 37120 A

·         Wyoming 37120 B


·         This ole house 40266 A

·         Hey There 40266 B


·         Stumbling 3611 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         Who tied the can on the old dog’s tail? 3611 B (in original paper sleeve)


·         Songs my mother taught me 77719 A (in original paper sleeve) only one side



·         Kiss me again 77843 (in original paper sleeve) only one side

Capital (22 records)

·         Pretending 271 A

·         Who do you Love I hope? 271 B


·         Broken down Merry-Go-Round 800 A

·         The god’s were angry with me 800 B


·         The Lord’s lariat 1159 A

·         What this country needs 1159 B


·         The red we want is the red we’ve got 1182 A

·         Cincinnati dancing pig 1182 B


·         I taut I saw a puddy tat 1360 A

·         Yosemite Sam 1360 B



·         Walkin’ and whistlin’ lose 1451 A

·         How high the moon 1451 B


·         All dressed up with a broken heart 15022 A

·         Nanana 15022 B


·         Highway to Love 15094 A

·         My Happiness 15094 B


·         Season’s greetings from Capitol 1949

·         Take it easy, take it light


·         Faith can move mountains 2230 A

·         The Ruby and the Pearl 2230 B


·         Kee-Mo KY Mo 1613 A

·         Sweet Lorraine 1613 B


·         Need you 15523 A

·         I’m bitin’ my finger nails 15523 B


·         I ain’ got nuthin’ to lose 15521 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         I didn’t know the gun was loaded 15221 B (In original paper sleeve)


·         Open the door polka 57-667 (In original paper sleeve)

·         Who shot the whole in my sombrero? 57-667 (In original paper sleeve)


·         Put your little foot 57-40207 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         The black hawk waltz 57-40207 B (In original paper sleeve)


·         I cried myself to sleep over you 57-40164 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         Riders in the sky 57-40164 B (In original paper sleeve)


·         My Mother Told Me 57-70050 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         Exactly Like You 57-70050 B (In original paper sleeve)


·         Seems like old times 257 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         I fall in love with you ev’ry day 257 B (In original paper sleeve)


·         Elreno 1241 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         Trouble, Trouble 1241 B (In original paper sleeve)


·         Frankie and Johnnie 15350 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         Make a Miracle 15350 B (In original paper sleeve)


·         Blue Bird of Happiness 15207 A (In original paper sleeve)

·         Say Something Sweet to your Sweetheart 15207 B (In original paper sleeve)  


Perfect (1 record)


·         Maybe it’s Love 15345 A

·         Confessin’ 15345 B




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Blayne McLeod has decided to retire from farming and we are pleased to offer his equipment.

A guest consigner has also consigned a small estate in this auction.

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Bidding begins on Tuesday, June 6th at 11 am and begins closing on Tuesday, June 20th at 6 pm.

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Auction Date

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After June 24, by appointment only.